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Left to right Old Rawhider (RIP) Glacier, Avalanche Amy, Hunt Mountain Drifter, Charlie MacNeil, Willie Killem and Shanghai Noon

Hunt Mountain Drifter VFSS Co-Match Director

Pards, I am Hunt Mountain Drifter. I am Co-founder of the Virtue Flat Shootist Society, along with Charlie MacNeil, our Territorial Governor. I started shooting Cowboy Action back in 2012. I have placed as high as 2nd in at the NW Regional 2021 and 2022, and in 2020, because I was able to choose my category wisely (only one in the category) I became the Oregon State Frontier Cartridge Champion. My goal in Cowboy Action is to let everyone know how fun this sport can be. I now have my oldest Grandson shooting with us Driftin’ Kid, he is a Junior and won’t be long and he will be out shooting me. (Picture and Profile below). Well he has out shot me a couple times now and his younger Brother has joined us in our fun, he is know as Curly the Kid and has one more year as a buckaroo.

Charlie MacNeil VFSS Territorial Governor and Co-Match Director

Howdy! Folks call me Charlie MacNeil, and I’m what passes for the Territorial Governor of the Virtue Flat Shootist Society. I’ve been playing this game since 2003, and I reckon I’m to blame for getting my co-conspirator, Hunt Mountain Drifter, started in Cowboy Action Shooting. We started the VFSS in 2014 because we wanted someplace close to home to shoot some matches.

I’ve competed in a couple of different categories over the years, starting with what SASS used to call Traditional (fixed sight revolvers) but, except for one year, I’ve been shooting in the Classic Cowboy category for most of my career. I’ve been fortunate enough to have won my category at the Idaho State Championship in 2012, and I’ve been 2nd or 3rd place Classic Cowboy at several Northwest Regional and Oregon State Championship matches over the years. I even managed to win a Northwest Regional Championship buckle at the 2020 Northwest Regional match. Like the saying goes, “even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while”!

My interpretation of Classic Cowboy is a tad bit flashier than what most folks dress for, but I like to play this fun game my own way, sort of a “dancing to my own kazoo” thing. Along the way I’ve won a few costume contests, including Best Dressed Cowboy Kilting (Long story. We’ll get together over a beer some time and I’ll tell it to you.) at the 2020 Oregon State Championship, and Best Dressed Working Cowboy and Best Dressed Gentleman at the 2020 Northwest Regional Championship. I guess this was just my year!

Put on your cowboy duds and come on out and play on our range! I guarantee you’ll have a good time!

Avalanche Amy and Glacier

Avalanche Amy and Glacier are a cowboy action shooting couple from Baker City, Oregon. We have been shooting CAS since 2017. We decided to start shooting after watching Jedi Knight’s Cowboy Action YouTube channel. We then attended a local match with the Virtue Flat Shootist Society. We initially went to watch but were soon handed guns and convinced to give it a try. Needless to say we were immediately hooked. As our aliases suggest Avalanche Amy is quick and fast and well … Glacier is just slow.
So… your shooting experience or ability does not matter to us. If you are a new shooter we will help you get going. If you are an experienced shooter, great! The more the merrier! Please come and ring some steel with us – Avalanche Amy  and Glacier 


Hello, I am SASSquatch. I have been shooting CAS since 2018. I don’t say much but you can’t miss me when I am on the range – come have a good time. I look forward to shooting with you.

This is our newest Shooter Driftin’ Kid. He shoots in the Junior Category Which will be a new category for him in 2022 he finished off 2021 as a Buckaroo. He did not hesitate when his Papa Hunt Mountain Drifter asked if he wanted to shoot cowboy with him.

Rest In Peace Brother

We lost a good friend and Cowboy 1/10/2022. Arkansas Slim (Al King) was a Believer, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Marine, and Counselor.

Here we go again another Grandson Curly the Kid that will be beating his Papa Hunt Mountain Drifter in a couple months to a year this kid loves to shoot. He is a member of the North Powder Trap team as well as a cowboy shooter. This year will be his last year as a Buckaroo then he will move up to Junior like his older brother.

“Willie Killem” what more do I have to say.

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