November 22, 2020

Howdy, folks! Here it is almost Thanksgiving already! Before you know it, it’ll be spring and time to start shootin’ again! With the whole Covid thing that’s been going on seemingly forever, a lot of clubs have had to cut back on their shooting schedule. Fortunately for us, except for the first match of the year which we held at a location undisclosed to everybody but the lucky folks on our e-mail list since our normal range was closed, we were able to hold our full calendar of events. This full calendar included what I consider to have been a highly successful Annual match (again considering what a lot of clubs have gone through) on the second weekend of July.

Our little group has gone through some changes since we started up in 2014. In 2019 we lost one of the founding members of Cowboy Action Shooting in this part of Oregon, Ol’ Rawhider. Gerald was a guy who not only knew a lot about Cowboy Action Shooting, and guns in general, he was also quite an artist. He was a painter, a leather craftsman and a woodcrafter who also made some of the best knives it has been my pleasure to handle. One of Ol’ Rawhider’s knives goes with me on every hunting trip…

One major change that we have made has happened just in the last month or so: we became a S.A.S.S. (Single Action Shooting Society) affiliated club, with me as what S.A.S.S. calls a TG, or Territorial Governor. What this mainly means is that we now have a little bit of input on issues that may affect S.A.S.S. and Cowboy Action Shooting that we maybe didn’t have before. And you have somebody with a name and a face to complain to if we don’t treat you right at a match. And I hope that if there is a problem you’ll come to me and we can work it out, ’cause we don’t want any disgruntled shooters. Even if they have old guns aren’t very good shots…

So come on out to The Powder River Sportsman’s Club range and join the Virtue Flat Shootist Society for some steel-ringin’ fun! After all, a bad day of shooting beats a good day at work any day! See our contact page for location of the range and, of course, a way to contact me or my pard Hunt Mountain Drifter for more information on our group and Cowboy Action Shooting in general!

See you down the trail!

Charlie MacNeil

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